The Art Of Public Speaking, 13th Edition by Lucas

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ISBN: 9781260548099
Pub Date: 2019
Edition: 13

suitable for ELC590



Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Speaking in Public Chapter 2: Ethics and Public Speaking
Chapter 3: Listening
Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech
Chapter 5: Selecting a Topic and a Purpose
Chapter 6: Analyzing the Audience
Chapter 7: Gathering Materials
Chapter 8: Supporting your Ideas
Chapter 9: Organizing the Body of the Speech
Chapter 10: Beginning and Ending the Speech
Chapter 11: Outlining the Speech
Chapter 12: Using Language
Chapter 13: Delivery
Chapter 14: Using Visual Aids
Chapter 15: Speaking to Inform
Chapter 16: Speaking to Persuade
Chapter 17: Methods of Persuasion
Chapter 18: Speaking on Special Occasions
Chapter 19: Presenting Your Speech Online
Chapter 20: Speaking in Small GroupsAppendix: Speeches for Analysis and Discussion
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