Developing Reading Skills, 1st Edition


ISBN: 9789834721053



This book is tailored for Academic Reading courses at institutions of higher learning and it provides succinct coverage of essential reading and critical thinking skills in eight chapters. This includes how to skim and scan a reading text; the strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words; how to identify topics, stated main ideas and implied main ideas; supporting details; how to make inferences and draw conclusions; deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and assumptions in arguments; purpose, tone, audience and bias; and argument analysis. These fundamentals focus on building and enhancing students’ ability to interpret content and analyze the organization of ideas in reading texts, besides developing their critical reading and thinking abilities.

This book is designed to be accessible to learners. Adhering closely to the requirements of academic reading courses, the topics within each chapter are presented systematically. The discussions use examples from a variety of genres to engage students. Each chapter has a self-check section and concludes with tests that cover each topic in the chapter. In addition, answers are provided at the end of the book to help students monitor and check their understanding of the topics.

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