Model Business Letters, Emails And Other Business Documents, 7th Edition

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Shirley Taylor

For anyone who wants to communicate effectively in business, this is your complete reference guide for any form of written communication.

Packed with over 500 sample documents, over 100 tips for better business writing and useful templates you can apply to your writing immediately, Model Business Letters will help you put the key rules of good business writing into action.

Table of Contents

About the author

Publisher acknowledgements

Preface to the first edition by Leonard Gartside

Preface to the seventh edition by Shirley Taylor



Part 1 Communication: An Overview

1. The importance of building relationships

2. Sentence construction matters


Part 2 Business Writing Basics

3. 21st century business language

4. Structuring messages logically

5. Presentation matters


Part 3 Electronic Communication

6. Email etiquette

7. Writing online: websites, blogs and social networking

8. Customer care online


Part 4 Routine Business Transactions

9. Enquiries and replies

10. Quotations, estimates and tenders

11. Orders and their fulfilment

12. Invoicing and settlement of accounts

13. Letters requesting payment

14. Credit and status enquiries

15. A typical business transaction (correspondence and documents)


Part 5 General Business Correspondence

16. Internal correspondence

17. Secretarial and administrative correspondence

18. Meetings documentation

19. Personnel

20. Reports and proposals


Part 6 Creative and Persuasive documents

21. Complaints and adjustments

22. Goodwill messages

23. Notices, advertisements, information sheets and handouts

24. Circulars

25. Sales letters and voluntary offers

26. Publicity material

27. Business plans

Appendix 1 Spoken and written forms of address

Appendix 2 The A-Z of alternative words

Appendix 3 How to write reports in plain English


With over 450,000 copies sold worldwide, Model Business Letters has firmly established itself as the definitive guide to clear and effective business writing. This seventh edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect the significant changes in business communication over recent years.

This book contains over 300 sample documents, easy to use examples and practical advice on content, language and style. It will help you to:

  • master modern business writing for any occasion
  • develop great working relationships
  • use email effectively and write clear, concise messages
  • write for websites, blogs and social media
  • compose creative and persuasive documents
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