Skilled Reading: A Guided Approach


ISBN: 9789673632664

Dr Shangeetah R.K. , Suchithra Nair, Doreen Dillah, Dr Norazrin Zamri, Indrani A.S. Pillay, Wan Faridatul Akma

Comprehensive guide designed to develop students’ discrete reading skills. Students are guided through each skill with clear explanations and topical examples. This book is not only written for intermediate and upper intermediate students but also for college students who want to better their reading skills.

  • Understand reading and communicative skills
  • Interesting reading and listening passages according to various themes
  • Short practices to enhance students’ reading and communicative skills
  • Thought provoking extensive reading exercises
  • Engaging issues for discussion to develop students’ speaking skills
  • Review of grammar items to improve students’ language skills


  • Unit 1: Cultures and Lifestyle
  • Unit 2: Jobs and Professions
  • Unit 3: Food and Health
  • Unit 4: Technology and Development
  • Unit 5: Money and Business
  • Unit 6: Arts and Literature
  • Unit 7: History and Place
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