Supply Chain Logistics Management, 5th Edition


The Fifth Edition of?Supply Chain Logistics Management?presents Logistics in the context of integration within a firm’s Supply Chain Strategy and Operations.  Through the unique blend of supply chain and logistics topics, students are afforded a realistic and thorough understanding of both procurement and distribution issues with equal balance.  The respected authorship ensures both cutting edge industry trends and research insights are representing in an easy-to-learn from manner.

McGraw-Hill Connect, an award-winning digital teaching and learning solution that empowers students to achieve better outcomes and enables instructors to improve course management efficiency.

To complement Bowersox 5e, the Canadian Companion Connect offers 12 Canadian cases, covering topics such as Inventory, Manufacturing, Service Process, Warehousing, Blockchain, Supply-chain Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Forecasting. Each Case is supported by instructors’ notes, suggested activities, and Multiple Choice questions assignable through Connect.

The 5e offers a unique balanced approach to logistics and supply chain, enhanced by the wealth of practice and cases.