Intermediate Mathematics For Pre Science, Tropical Practice


Siti Zaharah Mohd Ruslan
Norul Fadhilah Ismail
Siti Noor Dina Ahmad
Norlida Othman
Ros Fadilah Deraman
Nor Ashikin Sahrom


This book is according to the latest syllabus of Intermediate Mathematics For Pre Science in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). It is a useful tool for reference in Mathematics subjects and the curriculum suits various universities in Malaysia.

It contains seven chapters which include the concept of set elements, set properties, Venn diagram, and set operations; law of indices, logarithms, the law of logarithms, exponential and logarithms equations; arithmetic and geometric sequence; the central tendency and dispersion; introduction of function, inverse, and composite function; inequality notations, range, number
lines, the law of inequalities, and solving inequalities; some basic knowledge on matrices and solving systems of equations using matrices.

This book will benefit not only the students but also the instructors in understanding and imparting basic knowledge of mathematics.

• A very comprehensive, and yet simple; concise manner
that is easy to understand.
• Compact notes, lots of working examples, and exercises
with answers provided.
• Suitable for self study, homework base and in-class

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