Educational Administration: Theory, Research, and Practice, 9th Edition


9th Edition

By Wayne Hoy and Cecil Miskel
ISBN13: 9781259012242

One of the most widely read books in educational leadership, Educational Administration uses a systems perspective to synthesize the relevant theory and research on organizational behavior and focuses on understanding and applying theory to solve problems of practice. With each new edition, the latest research and theory are incorporated into the analysis of teaching, learning, and leading. Educational Administration helps future administrators understand the content and context of schools, remember key ideas and principles, and apply and practice those principles as they lead.

Copyright: 2013

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: The School as a Social System
  • Chapter 2: The Technical Core: Learning and Teaching
  • Chapter 3: Structure in Schools
  • Chapter 4: Individuals in Schools
  • Chapter 5: Organizational Culture of Schools
  • Chapter 6: Organizational Climate of Schools
  • Chapter 7: Power and Politics in Schools
  • Chapter 8: External Environments and Accountability of Schools
  • Chapter 9: School Effectiveness
  • Chapter 10: Decision Making in Schools
  • Chapter 11: Shared Decision Making: Empowering Teachers
  • Chapter 12: Communication in Schools
  • Chapter 13: Leadership in Schools
  • Chapter 14: One Last Time: A Review of the School as a Social System
  • A Collection of Cases for Educational Leadership
  • Bibliography
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index
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